Become a 3D Printing Pro

Dive into the next generation of 3D printing with Repetier-Server. Explore unprecedented possibilities and maximize the potential of all your printers.

Full Flexibility

Control all your 3D printers simultaneously from anywhere via browser from PC, smartphone and tablet.

Multi-Printer Support

Control multiple printers simultaneously with one installation.

3D Views

Various, detailed 3d views for all models, g-codes and live printing.

G-Code Manager

Manage all g-codes with thumbnails, analysis, 3d & 2d views and edit them afterwards.


Use multiple webcams per printer and create smooth timelapse videos.

Cost Control

Permanent use of the Pro version incl. 5 installations without monthly or annual fees.

Local Cloud

Outsourcing of computationally intensive operations to faster computers in your own network.

Project Management

3D model management clearly arranged in projects with preview images, 3d views, lots of info and more.


Optimised interface for touchscreen displays on the printer or on the Raspberry Pi. No keyboard required.


Repetier-Server is available in the 16 languages of the flags shown above.

Print History

Log all prints to date and create a PDF report with images for each.

Push Messages

Receive status messages on your smartphone via Repetier-Informer, Pushover or providers like CallMeBot.

Exclude Print Areas

Exclude areas with errors in the current print to rescue the other objects.

Raspberry Pi Image

Use our ready configured image for the Raspberry Pi with many extras.

Safety & Reliability

Optimized for maximum reliability and safety.

Data Security

All your 3d models, G-codes, images, data and videos will always remain on your computers.


Develop practical wizards with our dialog system and use ready-made wizards.

Belt 3D Printer

In addition to cartesian and delta printers, Repetier-Server is also optimized for z-belt 3d printers.


We support common firmwares to be compatible with as many printers as possible.


Modify, import and export firmware parameters to optimize your printer.

Firmware Upload

Simply upload new 3d printer firmware via Repetier-Server and keep your printer up to date.


Integrated terminal for direct access via browser on all Linux and Mac computers.


Supports smart home systems such as Home Assistant, ioBroker, IFTTT and the IoT messaging standard MQTT.

Repetier-Server Monitor

All Repetier-Server instances in one desktop app including a simple backup system.


Connect our free Repetier-Host to your server and use various slicers and other features.

Klipper Support

Install and manage Klipper inside Repetier-Server.

Price Calculations

Find out the production costs before printing. Not only interesting for 3d printing services.

Dark Mode

We have a dark mode with dark colors in addition to the light user interface.

Made in Germany

Repetier-Server is developed entirely in Germany.

Own Branding

Own branding with own logo, own colors and more for 3d printer manufacturers.

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