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Repetier-Server is the professional all-in-one solution to control and manage your 3d printers and to get the most out of it. Designed for manufacturers, professionals, makers and educators who value quality, safety and functionality. Manage all printers and files clearly in one software. Benefit from our competence in 3d printing since 2011.

Repetier-Server Features & Benefits

Full Flexibility

Access and control your 3D printers via web interface from everywhere. If you want to connect from outside your home network (intranet) you need a vpn tunnel to your network (secure solution) or add port forwarding to make the printer available from the internet.

Maximum Compatibility
Runs on Windows, Linux and Mac, even a cheap Raspberry Pi is fast enough to run Repetier-Server. Works on all recent browsers on computers, smartphones and tablets.

Multi Printer Support

With one Repetier-Server installation you can connect and print on multiple printers simultaneously. The only limitation is your hardware. But even with a cheap Raspberry Pi it is no problem to handle 5 printers at the same time. If you have more Repetier-Server Pro installations, you can manage them in one interface using our free Repetier-Server Monitor.

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Local Cloud to Speed Up

Although everything works on cheap and slow computers, some tasks can take a while to finish. To speed up these compuationally intensive tasks, it is possible to outsource their compuation to another faster computer that also runs Repetier-Server. Should that computer be not reachable, the fallback is to compute it locally. In this case you can work on your Raspberry Pi like on a fast PC or Mac. All data stays in your local network and will not be transfered to us.

Webcam Support

Monitor all your prints via webcam – no need to wait at your printer anymore. Several webcams can be set up per printer for maximum control.

Create Timelapse Videos
You can save images at predefined intervals and create amazing timelapse videos automatically.

Maximum Reliability & Security

Rescue System
Repetier-Server remembers position of failure during printing, so you can continue the print at last position after connection lost or power failure. If the connection loss is less than 10 seconds, printing can continue automatically.

Security through User Authentication
Give each user only the necessary rights, for example print only, read only or allow configuration.

Preview Images

Fully configurable high quality rendered images for all models and g-codes for easy recognition.

Model Repository
Manage all your 3d models (stl, obj, 3mf & rmf files) clearly arranged in projects, where you get high quality rendered preview images and a smooth 3d view. In addition, you can specify additional data like licenses, descriptions, instructions and comments and you upload files like images, videos, pdf, html or txt files.

G-Code Manager

Store g-codes for later use and organize them into groups for quick access. All g-codes have high quality rendered preview images, detailed information for printing time, filament amount and more.

All g-codes can be viewed layer wise and edited without new slicing e.g. if you want to change temperatures.

Control Panel

Easily manipulate your printer manually in our control panel. There you can see print progress, exclude regions from being printed, chance temperatures, fans or positions and change filament.

Firmware EEPROM Editor

Many firmwares allow to change print critical perimeters. With our convenient editor you can change them easily and export and import them.

Touchscreen Interface

Optimized touchscreen interface for printer mounted touchscreens. No keyboard required.

The design is optimized for different screen sizes and resolutions.

Price Calculation

You get the production costs before printing. We even split usage by extruder.

So you keep the costs at a glance, not only interesting for 3d print services.

Firmware Upload

Upload your new 3d printer firmware via Repetier-Server – updating was never easier. Just select board type and your new firmware image and upload starts. Works on most printers.

Print History and PDF Reports

You can log all prints in a history table for your activity overview including detailed PDF print reports like this.

Push Messages

Get push messages with status reports for selected events like print paused, stopped, finished or severe errors via Repetier-Informer on your smartphone or tablet.

Repetier-Server Monitor

Connect multiple Repetier-Server instances simultaneously in one native Windows, Mac or Linux desktop app and get more functions like easy backup.

More information about Repetier-Server Monitor.


You can connect our Repetier-Host with Repetier-Server and get more functions and possibilities.

Our free Repetier-Host combines different slicers like Slic3r, PrusaSlicer and CuraEngine to give you best print results.

More Features:

Multilingual Web Interface

English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Czech, French, Dutch, Italian, Catalan & Turkish


Just confirm the update and the server does the rest.

Small Memory Requirement

Prints files of any size with new file management. Prints prefetch only the next 5,000 lines. G-Code preview only loads single layers.

Heatup and Cooldown Wizard

This feature measures heating and cooling speed needed for accurate printing time prediction.