WLAN configuration on sd card

Normally you can use the wifi in access point mode or an existing ethernet connection to configure your wifi network. There is also the possibility to define the connection settings manually.

Image version 25 or newer

Starting with image version 25 you can provide the exact wpa supplicant file directly. This bypasses any Repetier-Server actions, so the server will not interfere. In the /boot folder (the one you see also under windows) is a file wpa_supplicant-wlan0.conf.sample that contains all instructions as comments. Change the settings and rename it to wpa_supplicant-wlan0.conf and reboot and our scripts will detect this and install it accordingly and disable Repetier-Server control. Any change to that file will cause a reinstall on next boot.

It is crucial that your editor uses unix style end line encodings (only line feed, no carriage return line feed). All better text editors do this, but not notepad or wordpad!

Older image versions

In older images or if you want you create the file /boot/repetier-network.xml which should like this, just with correct data:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
    <!-- repeat the following network block for each network it should log in -->
    <network active="true"> <!-- set active to false if you do not want to try to connect to that network. -->
        <!-- Neighbouring networks can be added with ignore true, so they do not get listed all the time
        making it easier to select the network -->
        <!-- use hidden="true" for hidden ssid. This will make the network the only one
        that gets tried to connect since we do not know if it is there or not. -->
        <ssid hidden="false">DemoSSID</ssid>
        <!-- password method must none, psk2, psk or wep -->
        <password method="psk2">TestPassword</password>
        <!-- Normally you leave the following parameter to auto so values retrieved
        from your dhcp server are used. Change them only if you need to enforce different
        values. -->

Because it is in the /boot directory, you can also just insert the sd card to your pc and windows will show that directory (you see the linux config files cmdline.txt and config.txt as well).

On the next reboot this config will be used with priority. This config is not deletable in the wlan settings!

Problems with Access Point

In the start configuration the Repetier-Server will switch to access point mode, so you are able to configure it with a mobile or pc connected over wifi to the access point network. The name is by default RepetierServer with password 12345678. Encryption algorithm is by default WPA2-AES. It can happen that you can not connect with your device to the access point. First try a different device. Not all will have the problem. If you have none working, you can since version 18 of our image select the encryption mode in the fie /boot/repetier-image-setup.txt. There is an option ACCESS_POINT_SECURITY=2 that you can change to 1 for WPA1 and 0 for no encryption at all. Until now WPA1 worked for all devices we had tested. Price is reduced security, so use anything lower then 2 only to configure your network over the access point and then switch to the regular network.