Sources for 3D models

If you are looking for new projects for your 3D printer, you will find a large selection of high quality and detailed designed models on the following pages:

3D printer communities with downloadable models

Search engines

Search engines that collects data from 3D printing communities and marketplaces:

3D modeling software

  • Autodesk Fusion 360
    Ideal for technical drawings, free for private use.
  • Blender
    Free opensouce scupling tool for figures and organic shapes.
  • SketchUp
    3D design software – free for personal use.
  • OpenSCAD
    Free software for creating solid 3D CAD models programmatically.
  • FreeCAD
    Free 3D CAD software.
  • Solidworks
    Professional 3D CAD software.
  • Rhino
    Professional 3D CAD software.