Selling Printer with Repetier-Server

Repetier-Server exists as a Free, an OEM and a Pro version. All are identical with the difference of a license key enabling the Pro or OEM features. While it is legally possible to sell printers with only the free version, we highly recommend to sell the OEM or Pro versions. This has some advantages for you like:

  • You can make your own branding with your logo, name and colors.
  • Fully customizable touchscreen support for printers with simplified interface
  • Slicing without installing any additional software (coming soon for Pro version)
  • Webcam & timelapse support
  • Upload new printer firmware via our web inteface.
  • Extendable web front end
  • Local slicing cloud with other installations using the same license key (coming soon for Pro version)
  • Profit from our mass discounts

Here you can find more information about the greatly reduced OEM version.