Setting up a webcam in Repetier-Server for Windows

To use a webcam inside Repetier-Server, you need to stream the data as JPG or MJPG. You can use special IP webcams or a simple software, turning your webcam into a streaming webcam. Feel free to use other software as the one described here.

Stream with webcamXP Free

Download and install the free software webcamXP Free. Of course you can also use the paid Pro version.

Download at:

On Windows 10, please ensure that the Media Feature Pack is installed.

Start webcamXP Free.

Right click on the webcam image and select your webcam.

Click on Web / Broadcast.

Activate the internal web server (1) and click the link to show the webcam in your browser (2).

Now you see your IP address. Notice that you should configure your router, so that you will always get the same IP address!

If you do not want to start the webcam software after every reboot, activate Tools -> Options -> Start with Windows.

Now you can see your webcam in your browser. As URL you see http://your-pc:8080/ name, here http://marcus-pc:8080/. Select Motion JPEG. Right click on the image and copy the image URL.

You have to change the URL and replace your-pc with your IP address, here I change http://marcus-pc:8080/cam_1.cgi to This is your dynamic image URL you need in Repetier-Server.

In Repetier-Server open your printer and go to Printer Settings Webcam.

Select the desired webcam connection (JPG Images, MJPG Stream or JPG + MJPG Stream).

At Reload interval [s] you can enter the polling interval for new images.

Enter your copied URL in Dynamic image URL and in Static image URL, where you replace the ending .cgi into .jpg.