Setting up a webcam in Repetier-Server for Mac

To use a webcam inside Repetier-Server, you need to stream the data as JPG or MJPG. You can use special IP webcams or a simple software, turning your webcam into a streaming webcam. Feel free to use other software as the one described here.

Stream with Smartcam

Download and install Smartcam from the App Store.

When you start Smartcam, your required URLs will be (replace <ip address> with your ip address):

Dynamic Image URL: http://<ip address>:8080/smartcam.mjpg
Static Image URL: http://<ip address>:8080/smartcam.jpg

In Repetier-Server open your printer and go to Printer Settings Webcam.

Select the desired webcam connection (JPG Images, MJPG Stream or JPG + MJPG Stream).

At Reload Interval you can enter the polling interval for new images.

Enter your URLs in Dynamic Image URL and in Static Image URL and click Save Configuration.