Print does not finish

Repetier-Server is very reliable in sending printing jobs. None the less there are some reasons, why print jobs do not finish.

  1. Firmware resets: If the firmware resets (for example by watchdog, brownout, reset key hit, …), the server will notice this and stop the print.
  2. Serial port gets closed: Apart from pulling the usb plug this can also happen if the operating system detects voltage problems or back electromotive force from the printer on the usb port.The operating system will then disconnect the usb port for safety and this will of course also stop the print.
  3. If the serial connection is configured wrong, you might trigger so many consecutive errors that the print stops. In this case correct you connection settings.
  4. If the pc running Repetier-Server powers down.
  5. Windows has decided that it’s time for your next Windows update und reboots your system.

The first task should be to detect which of these possible reasons is the problem in your case. So first you should enable logging your prints and then check the end of the log. It will show if it closed due to lots of errors or if the operating system closed the connection. It might also just contain a message why firmware stopped receiving commands, e.g. decoupled heaters or an other safety relevant reason. If you also have logging connected.log enabled, which logs data when not printing you will also see new output after connection starts. Most firmwares write what the start reason is. Brown out would mean the firmware got not enough power and restarted. Watchdog means an internal problem in firmware so it did reset for safety.

You can also check the server.log resp. server.log.0 in $storage_dir/logs to see at which time connections got closed or opened. But it contains no indication about the reason.

Assuming os was the reason, you should check the system log. For linux systems you normally check /var/log/syslog at same timestamp.

When server still thinks it is connected (green connection) but no communication is happening, check if printer is ignoring commands in console window.

If that is not the case deactivate and activate printer to see if it comes back. If it does not come back try resetting the printer. If that still does not work unplug usb cable and reconnect. If it then works it might be a driver crash stopping communication. For linux where I have heard this happens for some users there is a possibility to reload driver automatically and continue print in printer setup of server. There you can tell if it should reload on first or second timeout.

Notice for Raspberry Pi users

The Pi is very power sensitive. If it does not receive stable 5V, you may experience stability issues like bad connections or temperature errors. Use a solid 3A power supply, best with 5.1 V output. Also a cheap usb cable with thin wires can cause voltage loss. We recommend an AWG20 USB cable.

Newer server versions have a bolt icon in the top menu bar. If you check it, it will indicate if the pi has suffered under voltage in the past is suffering it currently. While this not always causes a usb disconnect, it is a strong indication that you suffer power problems. After all if linux decides it has not enough it will disconnect usb and stop print – your opinion is not relevant here:-)